Thursday, November 22, 2012

World without copyright? Prepare for mind blowing

In a great article today, AUTHOR PETER NOWAK writes:

“House Republicans in the United States last week released a report on copyright that was amazing in its understanding of the topic, but also mind-blowing. It was so forward-thinking, the party’s study committee had no choice but to retract it the very next day, likely because of pressure from frothing-mad copyright lobbyists.


There’s little doubt current industries would be massively shaken up, but as the Republican report suggests, that may not be a bad thing because entirely new ones could arise. Individual creators would certainly be far more empowered – imagine if anyone was free to legally create and sell their own Star Wars movie? That definitely would result in a far more competitive market for such films, and we probably would have been spared the crime on humanity that was Jar Jar Binks.”

The complete article is here: WordsByNowak

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