Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Canadian Government finances deadly operation to the tune of $58 million

I think the first product made at the Mine should be a set of commemorative dishware for all the Conservative MP’s to eat from. They could show their REAL support by eating off those dishes for the next few years. That way they will be their own first victims!


From the National Post, by Kelly McParland

“Quebec asbestos loan throws health threats to the wind”

“On Friday the Quebec government revealed it would lend $58 million to the Jeffrey Mine, the country’s last operating asbestos mine. Mine officials say the money is enough to keep it operating for 20 years. One of the more astonishing aspects of the loan — and Quebec’s apparent determination to prop up the beleaguered industry — is the number of opponents it has to defy to do so.

Other than the mine owners and the small town of Asbestos itself, the industry has few friends. Ottawa has long known of the health risks it carries. It is banned in more than 40 countries and its use in Canada is severely restricted. The World Health Organization says all types of asbestos “cause asbestosis, mesothelioma and lung cancer” and there is no safe threshold of exposure. The Canadian Cancer Society says Quebec’s support for the industry runs counter to global efforts to defeat the disease. The Rotterdam Convention, an international treaty set up to control hazardous materials, has been trying for years to add it to its list of dangerous substances.”

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