Saturday, December 10, 2011

Copyrights, Patents, Privacy and You!

If you are not entirely insulated from the world, you may have noticed a few news stories leaking through over the last few weeks. Copyright is being argued in Canada and the US’ lawmaking systems. Copyright holders (The big boys here, NOT the artists and performers and so on) want MORE control over what can be disseminated on the NET. They want MORE control than they have now! In the last couple of years, these Copyright Holders (lets call em the rats, why, why not!), they have had many websites removed from the NET1 , destroying businesses and people’s dreams. In a number of cases, they have had NO right to do so, but under existing laws, they are getting away with it! This is not enough, they want to be able to do what they do now, destroy your business, destroy your livelihood and NOW they want to be able to throw you in JAIL, WITHOUT a trial2!

Given that they are abusing the systems they have now in really underhanded ways3, do we really want to give them more power? NO!, Say NO! in any way you can, we have to fight back against these things4. If you don’t fight back against this stupidity, they (the corporations, politicians and the enforcement agencies) will soon have complete control over you, your information and the info you can access. The latest squeaky law5in the states will let the enforcement agencies grab US citizens off the street, call them a terrorist or “person of interest” and ship em off to Guantanamo, no phone call, no lawyer, no courts, just bye bye! Now, that was not the intent of the law when it was passed, but that's the way the law reads. The enforcement agencies all say they would never ever use it that way, trust them!

Here in Canada, we have this wonderful access to information law being put forward. They want faster access to information to catch the bad guys! Thats it, just because it means they can start grabbing all sorts of info on all sorts of people without oversight does not mean they will use it that way! *choke *choke

The government is also trying to make it a crime to break a digital lock. These are used to enforce DRM (digital rights management), and usually mean that your system calls home (a server on the net owned by the company you bought the song/movie/ebook/etc from) to get permission for you to enjoy your purchase. Now we have had many examples of companies shutting down DRM servers and leaving their customers out in the cold in terms of their purchases. You can no linger enjoy your digital purchase, its broken. Now breaking the digital lock would allow you to enjoy that purchase, but under the new law8, you would go to JAIL for trying to enjoy your digital purchase!

Now we get to the reason I just blew off this little rant. There is a case before the US courts that will decide whether or not changes in your body due to changes in doses of medicine or other things related to meds can be patented. THEY WANT TO PATENT YOUR BODY NOW7!!!

ok, I’m outa ooomph now, gotta go play a little solitaire, sorry for the rant Smile


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ps happy reading, and you may see the following soon for our stuff if someone thinks we’ve stepped on toes Smile


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