Saturday, August 7, 2010


Once upon a time I found Rick.

I was walking home one day after work and there he was chillin’ on the sidewalk. I wondered where he may have come from and continued on my way home.

Once I was home I couldn’t stop thinking about Rick. There he was lying on the sidewalk, broken and looking like he needed a home. I decided if I walked back to where he was and he was still there I would bring him home and give him a new home in the garden. 

I was excited as I walked back hoping he would still be there. Sure enough there he was so I picked him up and brought him home.

Weeks later I was walking around the grounds of a Heritage house called the Green Door House a couple blocks away from where I found Rick and I looked down at the cobblestone driveway. The outline of the stone looked very familiar.

It was like Rick only unpainted. Now I knew where he possibly came from. But who took the stone and made it Rick? As I looked around the yard I found at the base of a tree an army of Ricks. There they were just chillin’. If only I had my camera it was a very cool discovery.

I so wanted to take a few home so my Rick would have some buddies. But this was private property and I couldn’t just take them without permission. I went by the house a few times to find someone to ask if I could have a couple but it never panned out.

So fast forward a few years, yes I said years and I am telling my friend about how I found Rick and later found his buddies. We decided to go on a quest and see if the army of Ricks was still there and to prove I wasn’t making this up.

The first thing we see is what looks like a few buried Ricks at the base of the tree.

I was very excited as now I had the proof they really did exist.

We pulled them out but to our surprise they weren’t Ricks.

They were a couple of Patti’s, a Russell and a Rose. How weird is that?

We walked away and left them standing there. I will always wonder how these stone people came to be and what will become of them.


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