Sunday, August 29, 2010



If you enjoy my photographs and would like to use them as wallpaper, etc. feel free all I ask is you make a small donation for the use.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Making Space Exploration Open Source

With President Obama’s National Space Policy out, there has been an explosion of idea’s, form the one I saw today about Giant butterfly nets, to giant gold balloons,  about how to deal with our “space junk”, all those satellites and other things floating around our planet. Almost all the ideas are BIG and require great objects being lofted into space to clean things up. Sending things up from Earth to space is our greatest problem, so lets try and answer this one without giant rocket blasts :)

I think its time to take a slightly different approach. Identify what is up there, declare it “Salvage”, and let us Makers fire up a few Arduino to build our little orbital factory. We have 3D printers available, that used in conjunction with a few small robotics platforms would allow us to repurpose everything in near space for future use.

We have already paid the big money on everything in near space, that was the cost of ejecting it out of this great gravity well we call Earth. Now that its there, lets put it to better future use.

First we build a small tele-presence factory to produce space tugs, small tele-presence space robots we can then use to start salvaging material. Some of the most advanced technology and materials are orbiting our planet and could be repurposed as “Salvage”. Our first builds would be a second 3D factory and a few space tugs to set up our first permanent space platform at the L1 Lagrange point. As well, they would need to take with them the material to build a small capture net of a few kilometers across at LaGrange.

This capture net would then grab all the rest of the near earth salvage material as it is “thrown” at it by our orbital tugs. Give something a nudge in space and it just keeps on going, just like the energizer buddy :) Once the material is captured at L1, we start construction of our first Extraterrestrial Joe’s Gas n’ Go. This could be the first human designed, robot built construction/salvage yard/factory in space.

So to sum up, we use open source volunteers, using open source hardware and software to jump start extraterrestrial travel for the entire globe, perhaps managed by a small group out of the UN to make everything space legal for all the space lawyers to come.

Hoping we see this kind of future.


ps we piggyback open source IP networking of course for our kids use

Saturday, August 7, 2010


Once upon a time I found Rick.

I was walking home one day after work and there he was chillin’ on the sidewalk. I wondered where he may have come from and continued on my way home.

Once I was home I couldn’t stop thinking about Rick. There he was lying on the sidewalk, broken and looking like he needed a home. I decided if I walked back to where he was and he was still there I would bring him home and give him a new home in the garden. 

I was excited as I walked back hoping he would still be there. Sure enough there he was so I picked him up and brought him home.

Weeks later I was walking around the grounds of a Heritage house called the Green Door House a couple blocks away from where I found Rick and I looked down at the cobblestone driveway. The outline of the stone looked very familiar.

It was like Rick only unpainted. Now I knew where he possibly came from. But who took the stone and made it Rick? As I looked around the yard I found at the base of a tree an army of Ricks. There they were just chillin’. If only I had my camera it was a very cool discovery.

I so wanted to take a few home so my Rick would have some buddies. But this was private property and I couldn’t just take them without permission. I went by the house a few times to find someone to ask if I could have a couple but it never panned out.

So fast forward a few years, yes I said years and I am telling my friend about how I found Rick and later found his buddies. We decided to go on a quest and see if the army of Ricks was still there and to prove I wasn’t making this up.

The first thing we see is what looks like a few buried Ricks at the base of the tree.

I was very excited as now I had the proof they really did exist.

We pulled them out but to our surprise they weren’t Ricks.

They were a couple of Patti’s, a Russell and a Rose. How weird is that?

We walked away and left them standing there. I will always wonder how these stone people came to be and what will become of them.




Sunday, August 1, 2010



If you enjoy my photographs and would like to use them as wallpaper, etc. feel free all I ask is you make a small donation for the use.