Friday, July 16, 2010

Oh! That Reminds Me

Not to long ago I posted some of my collection of concert tickets which caused a lot of memories to come flooding in. Which caused me to think why not write about these concert experiences and then I thought why not tell a myriad of tales not just concert ones.

I've never been one to talk much about things that have happened in my life because I tend to think no one will find them interesting or I don't want people to think I'm boasting or one upping but the more times I happen to be reminded of a story and I actually share it with someone they appear to enjoy it and that makes me want to tell more tales.

So I have come up with a new blog category entitled “Oh! That Reminds Me!”. As I go thru my day I am often reminded of something that's happened in my life and now I have an outlet here at Our Place. I can blog away every time I think of something and it will live on forever on the Interweb.

Now the question is where do I start?

I’ll have to go think about that….back soon.


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