Saturday, May 8, 2010

Canada’s PM says “F*k Y*u” to all Canadians

While we’ve all been worried about the ACTA agreement being the scary thing to worry about, it seems that there has been a massive reversal at home. Last Years Bill C61 was fought by us all last year, and with the governments Discussion on Copyright taking place over the last year, home was the last place we expected to hear about a new DMCA.

Well, it seems that even though hundreds of thousands of us spoke out against the kind of disaster that has been the DMCA in the states for the last decade, our PM in his infinite wisdom has decided that it is exactly what we need. Being treated like children who cannot police their own behavior has not been my experience as a Canadian, I hope this is not taken lightly by any Canadians.

From Cory Doctorow at Boing Boing:

Remember: thousands of us responded to the Tory inquiry on copyright law, and overwhelmingly, we said we did not want a US-style copyright disaster at home. Remember: hundreds of thousands of us wrote and called our MPs. Remember: Canadian artists' coalitions fought against the imposition of a DMCA in Canada. Remember: America's copyright war has been an absolute trainwreck, with tens of thousands facing lawsuits, competition and innovation eroded by DRM, free speech challenged by copyright takedowns, and no improvements for creators or creativity.

There's only one thing stupider than being the first country to enact the DMCA, in spite of its obvious shortcomings: enacting the DMCA after the first country has spent a decade showing how rotten and backwards this approach to copyright is.

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