Sunday, March 21, 2010

Should You care?

Copyright? Ah…. that's fudge stuff about movie pirates or something…..   Nope, this is all about you. If you have never payed attention to the whole copyright debate, I can’t blame you, its very convoluted and is different everywhere in the world. However, the most recent leak from the ACTA treaty is an eye opener and should frighten every individual on this planet. In the past, corporations have used lobbying and campaign contributions to try and affect legislation around the globe in their favor. This has required a huge amount of work, effort and money on their part making it difficult (as it should be).

The new ACTA treaty allows them to set legislation around the world with a single email from their offices in “rich country”. Enlisting the aid of governments, legal agencies and private firms to do their bidding at no cost and with little to no difficulty.

As Cory Doctorow says

We've all known that ACTA is a way of writing copyright treaties without having to let poor countries and human rights advocates into the room. We've suspected that poor countries -- who aren't invited to the negotiations -- will be strong-armed into signing onto the treate afterwards.

This leak confirms our worst fears: ACTA throws out the pretence of justice, fairness, and humanitarianism present at the UN, for pure, naked, crony-capitalism. It's an instrument for allowing entrenched corporations from rich countries change the laws of other countries to their benefit -- and to the detriment of the people of those countries.

More info here: Boing Boing

Latest ACTA Leak here:

Freak out, talk to someone else about this, wake up a neighbor……..