Saturday, January 30, 2010

The Start of the Journey

As stated in previous post it is our dream to get 'off the grid'
Well with this is mind we have had to think a lot about downsizing and what is truly important and/or necessary in the whole scheme of things. I look around the room and all the stuff we have collected over the years. I definitely have a shit load of stuff packed away for various reasons, which got me to thinking...

All of these material things we collect what's going to happen to them. Are they really of interest to anyone but yourself. Yes some of these material things are valuable, very valuable in fact and someone else might be interested in owning but is anyone really going to take the time to sell them after you're gone. Perhaps but who knows they could end up sitting in the back of a closet for who knows how long. Or burned for fuel  who knows. So with this thought in mind combined with wanting to downsize in order to live a different life this is what we have decided to do with our 'stuff'. Our plan is this.

JJ is building a Stuff Verse page where we will post our things we can live without Some items will have a monetary value, we need to make a little money for our new life right, others make an offer we just want to know it’s going to someone who will appreciate it for their time on earth and then pass it along to another appreciative individual.

Stay tuned....

Saturday, January 2, 2010

TS on TwentyTen

So here it is 2010, a new decade is upon us and I thought I would start the new year off by contributing something to JJ's Place.

New Year's brings a lot of talk about resolutions. Do I have any resolutions? That's a pretty emphatic NO!

Well none I will say out loud anyway because as soon as you do that you're committed unless you want to be seen as a failure. And who needs that. Besides what are resolutions anyway but just something you would like to change.

Come on already if you haven't been able to do it up until now why change. You are who you are. And if you really could change would you be any better off. Unless you have serious health issues that is and then a quick change is a definite.

While I have no "resolutions" we do have a definite life goal ahead of us and 2010 will be the year to get organized and settled along that path. Perhaps some resolutions will arise along the way.

The goal is to become self sustaining and off the grid, so any advice and help that anyone out there can give we'll take it. We also take donations. You know you're out there the anonymous donor who has oodles of cash and you need to write some off... well you can donate to us and help us live our life goal... I'm not too proud to beg.

I look forward to 2010 and the path that we will forge but am apprehensive as the corporate giant I work for is making some changes and I am very unsure of our future. Which only figures as we have an opportunity staring us in the face that is so in the direction of our goal. Who's that guy, Murphy I can't stand him.

Anyway whatever lies ahead for us in 2010 we will take as it comes.

Are ya ready? 2010 here we come!