Friday, June 5, 2009

Water Barrels

Well, we’ve been setting up a couple of rain barrels that our lovely landlord has provided, and have managed to do it using repurposed stuff from around the house.

The roof drains intdcp_5584o 2 gutters, each half the length of the roof. The west end was easy, the barrel sits in the garden close below the end of the gutter and we repurposed an old dryer hose to get the water to the barrel. In the winter we undo the hose and it drains into the garden.

The east side is a little more difficult. The gutter ends above the corner of the deck, and we really didn’t want to lose the space on DCP_0047 the deck in order to accommodate the rain barrel. We ended up putting the rain barrel on the far side of the deck, and then had to figure out how to get the water over there :) We used some wood we had donated last year, and built a flume (similar to old time log flumes, which now you only see as log rides in amusement parks) that turns DCP_0036a corner, passes over our heads on the deck and drops into the barrels. When it rains, its beautiful as it now sounds like we have our own creek out by the deck.

Our plan now is to rig a pump and some kind of holding tank so we can get the creek soundDCP_0088 all the time :)







ps. we have video but we’re still in the learning stage for the editing, so its on its way :)

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