Monday, January 19, 2009

Good Ol’ Canuck Quality

More tool stuff….  Figured I’d take a couple quick pictures of my  DCP_5664favorite tape measure. I have a few, and I only use the others when I need something longer than 12 feet as this remains the easiest to use, most dependable tape I’ve used since I picked it up off a bargain tool table for about three dollars sometime back in the 1970’s :)

DCP_5669 You’ll notice the proud “Made in Canada” notation both on the case and the tape itself, but the real reasons this gets used so much is the 16” easy mark red notations for on center stud marking and the red feet/inches marking making it easy to read as opposed to having to translate the inches after the fact.DCP_5668

Notice its only feet and inches which should mean I can’t use it, but I grew up with feet and inches and the switch to metric here in Canada happened after I’d learned imperial. And of course almost all lumber is still measured in imperial here in Canada.


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