Saturday, July 19, 2008

What is happening?

So here I am sitting on my deck, enjoying the music from around the area as today is Duncan Day's a summer festival here. I look on my notebook and notice Nascar has the truck series running, and I think, ok, lets stream that from my MCE machine and watch a little. Nope Nope Nope, it fails showing protected content (using webguide to stream) and I think for second, Why? Why has the broadcaster marked it as protected so I can't enjoy the race in all its glory with all the advertising intact? Why did the same happen the other day with a 007 movie?

Do the broadcasters not have anyone with just a fraction of clue working for them, realizing that in order to stream this content I pay for cable in the first place? What did I do in both occasions, and will now set up as a matter of course because if you frustrate me a couple of times I'll find a new solution? I simply set MCE to record, drop it through a little converter that strips out all those nasty ads, converts the file to a more reasonable dvx format saving me gigabytes on my hard drive and making it usable on any machine(1). Instead of enjoying it in real time and viewing the ads paid for by the advertisers the broadcasters are desperatly trying to hold onto I watch it later. Who loses? The advertiser, and eventually the broadcaster......

One of these days I hope someone wakes up and thinks before they frustrate techy's who simply find a way around the frustration usually to the detriment of the person who put that frustration in their way. So once again a technically elegant and useful tool, webguide, becomes a useless piece of software to be removed as the purpose it served no longer works because of digital rights management. Is it simply coincidence that Microsoft acquired webguide recently?


1. Just a note that what I do now will be illegal if bill C-61 is passed and my only option would be add another TV with a splitter. 50 year old technology used because our government thinks it would be bad if we used modern tools to do the same thing :)

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