Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Garden in July

This is mid July in our Garden. The garden against the wall has a bird bath that gets daily use from our population of birds since we moved a potted grass plant over to provide them a little cover. The climbing plants are mostly Canary Vine which we enjoyed so much last yaer for its many small yellow flowers. The morning glory we are maintaining (we pull morning glory from the rest oif the bed in a daily battle) in the corner is climbing an old Penguins Paperback book rack we repurposed as a planter. There is also a large pumpkin growth we hope will provide pumpkins for everyone here at Halloween time :)

As you can see, our blackberry vine has grown spectacularly well this year and will be providing "kilotons" of berries for our use this year. We have planted upside down tomatoes again and they are doing very well, and each post has a single pot containing California Poppies, nasturciums and canary vine for color through the season.

Our "vege-table" is working very well for lettuce providing us an ongoing source, but an infestation of earwigs cleared out the cucumbers/celery/carrots. Our onions are still doing well, and we are planting more lettuce on an ongoing basis. The scarlet runner beans are loving our place and though the earwigs are fighting with us for them, we seem to be winning the battle. TS has come up with a concoction she puts out at night that the earwigs, woodbugs, slugs and wasps all seem to like as the little traps are full every morning :) You can see my CD door screen here that is detailed elsewhere on the site. The peas growing up the netting are producing well, just not growing very big.

More as the season progresses.


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