Tuesday, July 22, 2008

2008 Gardening.....

I know, I know, been a while since I've put stuff up, so sue me :) Here's some garden pictures from this year so far.

Lets start with a few pics from the end of April, after which we didn't really see any spring/summer weather until the end of June.

The first picture shows the only in-ground space we have (this was a pretty busy paint shop over the previous 1/2 century or so, we're very leary of planting foodstuffs here) where we grow decorative stuff and some herbs for the local wildlife.

The second shows our "Bat Cave" that we have been nursing along for several years now. Last year it allowed us to do a little adventuring into the field of producing blackberry jams. There is also the yellow box we use for our upside down tomato plant grows.

This third picture shows the front of our house, our (new this year) experiment in "vege-table" vegetable growing and a few other plants that weathered the winter.

The fourth picture shows our deck (built from found wood from our good freinds Terry and Lloyd. The compost to the right is now shared with the four apartments upstairs and the bookstore uses ut for both their organics from the store and even some from home :)

Lets look at the end of June now..

I added a 10' workbench to our growing "shop" in pur parking spot. This has been a blessing as making things when you have a square, level bench means they turn out a little more on the square side themselves :)


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