Thursday, June 5, 2008

Cylon Ancestry

Do Cylons have an ancestry? Created by Man, or did they evolve as an accident of technology? This ancient piece of art/technology? was discovered on one of the civilian ships being transported to Caprica as part of an estate donation to the University there. It is believed that this is a missing piece of history that shows the original technology that has become what is todays Cylon.

Initial investigations into the piece have failed to turn up definative proof as to wether or not this is directly linked to current Cylon technology, however, investigators believe that this is authentic and does represent an important link in assisting in our understanding of the Cylon and what we now agree is its unique culture.

Current opinion is split as to the origin of the tech, most believing it was some type of commercial 3D mapping system in use during the birth of technology some time in the late twentieth century on old Earth. The infra red based scanner on attached to the crown of the device was used to "ping" spacial areas for 3D mapping with the rest of the tech being supportive of that role.

Some researchers believe that the use of "duck tape' in the fabrication process allow for a geographical location of relative certainty in an area identified at that time as Canada (recovered archives of an old entertainment show of the area called "the Red Green Show" were instrumental in this). Identifying marks on some of the visible tech allow identification as a hobby based application.

There are some "fringe groups" that purport this technology was initially developed to support a real time gaming system called Dungeons and Dragons. A game initially created by Gary Gygax it is thought the tech was used to map 3D underground space for inclusion in the transition to computer based gaming from what was believed to be the pen and paper used initially.

Extensive additional research will be required to determine the "truth" of this discovery and all assistance will be welcome in this pursuit.

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