Thursday, June 19, 2008

CD Door Screen

Well, summer is almost here and we couldn't find a new door screen anywhere. You know the kind, bunch of beads on strings to keep the bugs at bay. Well, since I'm in the industry as they say, I thought I'd use a little "Technology" and create our own. The result is working very well for us.... imagine using WinNT Server to keep out bugs..... oh the puns available with this curtain will keep me going all summer :) We figure tdcp_4957 hat allowing for the retail value of the products on the CD's, this screen is worth about $20,000.00 :) Thats if we could turn the clock back 15 years or so to when the software had any value.

For the evening, we throw in a black light at the door, and the LED umbrella for a very "enlightened" atmosphere :)


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