Saturday, May 31, 2008

Upside Down Tomato Gardening

One of the challenges we have for our garden is lack of space. We have no in ground space to garden. So a little googling and we found out about upside down gardening. In our first attempt at it in 2007 I recycled some pallets left lying around by our good corporate citizens :)

When using pallets, I figured I could utilize everything but not use anything in touch with our soil except fresh clean wood. The following is a pictorial of our first year gardening upside down.

First couple pics show the upside down box without soil, ready to go.

Next couple show soil in with some nice healthy tomato plants :) The other plants on the top are parsley and some thyme which seem to coexist nicely.

One thing I underestimated in this adventure was the amount of soil required. If you think you have enough, double it :) We added some sides and a lot more soil towards the end of the season as the roots ate it all up. Added a couple of strings to keep the ends off the ground, and voila, we had 'matoes. :)

I also did one tomatoe plant in a bag, seen below, it did very well, but wasn't as big as the other we believe because of a limited amount of soil.

And then we had fruit.....

Lets see how we do, and what we do in 2008.......


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