Friday, December 7, 2012

Our Government Cares …


Having watched this today :

I find it inconceivable that our government can do what they did this week.

Canadian Conservative govt guts protections for 99+% of waterways, spare handful of lakes with high-cost cottages

David says, "Canada used to have 2.5 million protected lakes and other bodies of water. After recent Conservative Omnibus bills, we're down to 97. 87 of which are located in Conservative ridings (rich cottage country).

From BoingBoing

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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Our Government once again Shows its true colors

Conservatives defeat bill to get lifesaving generic drugs to developing world

“The Conservative government has defeated an effort to reform Canada’s Access to Medicines Regime despite support from international medical groups and the drug industry. The bill would have made cheap generic versions of lifesaving drugs available to the world’s poor but the government says it would violate Canada’s trade obligations.”

Full Story: Globe and Mail

Thursday, November 22, 2012

World without copyright? Prepare for mind blowing

In a great article today, AUTHOR PETER NOWAK writes:

“House Republicans in the United States last week released a report on copyright that was amazing in its understanding of the topic, but also mind-blowing. It was so forward-thinking, the party’s study committee had no choice but to retract it the very next day, likely because of pressure from frothing-mad copyright lobbyists.


There’s little doubt current industries would be massively shaken up, but as the Republican report suggests, that may not be a bad thing because entirely new ones could arise. Individual creators would certainly be far more empowered – imagine if anyone was free to legally create and sell their own Star Wars movie? That definitely would result in a far more competitive market for such films, and we probably would have been spared the crime on humanity that was Jar Jar Binks.”

The complete article is here: WordsByNowak